Text Editing ( MS Word and PDF creator)

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Lesson One: Getting Familiar with Microsoft Word

  1. The Microsoft Word Title Bar
  2. The Microsoft Word Menu Bar
  3. Microsoft Word Toolbars
  4. The Ruler
  5. Document View
  6. Text Area
  7. Exiting Microsoft Word

Lesson Two: Things You Need to Know About Microsoft Word

  1. Click
  2. Options
  3. Highlighting Text
  4. Highlighting Menu Items
  5. Placing the Cursor
  6. Menu Commands Using the Alt Key
  7. Shortcut Notations
  8. Starting a New Paragraph
  9. Exiting Microsoft Word

Lesson Three: Microsoft Word Basic Features

  1. Typing and Using the Backspace Key
  2. The Delete Key
  3. Inserting Text
  4. Overtype
  5. Bold, Underline, and Italicize with Micosoft Word
  6. Save File and Exit Microsoft Word

Lesson Four: More Microsoft Word Basic Features

  1. Open File
  2. Cut and Paste
  3. Copy and Paste
  4. AutoText
  5. Spell Check
  6. Find and Replace
  7. Font Size
  8. Fonts
  9. Save File and Exit Microsoft Word

Lesson Five: Working with Paragraphs

  1. Space Before and Space After
  2. Line Spacing
  3. First-Line Indent
  4. Indentation
  5. Alignment
  6. Hanging Indent
  7. Save File and Exit Microsoft Word

Lesson Six: Tab Key, Bulleting, Numbering, Undo, Redo, Printing, and Help

  1. The Tab Key
  2. Bullets and Numbering
  3. Undo & Redo
  4. Save File
  5. File Close
  6. Open New File
  7. Printing

Lesson Seven: Microsoft Word Tables

  1. Creating a Table
  2. Moving Around a Table
  3. Entering Text into a Table
  4. Selecting a Row and Bolding the Text
  5. Right-Aligning Text
  6. Adding a New Row to the End of the Table
  7. Adding a New Row Within the Table
  8. Resizing the Columns
  9. Adding a New Column to a Table
  10. Sorting a Table
  11. The Sum Function
  12. Deleting a Column
  13. Deleting a Row
  14. Recalculate
  15. Merge Cells
  16. Table Headings
  17. Converting Text to a Table
  18. Splitting a Table
  19. Table AutoFormat
  20. Save File