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{{stars}} —To display star ratings within the professional reviews section of Album infobox.


This template accepts up to 10 unnamed parameters having one of the values shown below:

Symbol Result Description
* * Full star
¾ ¾ Three quarters star
½ ½ Half star
¼ ¼ Quarter star
- - No star

The size of the stars in pixels can be given using the named parameter size. The default size is 11 pixels. An alternative text for the images may be supplied with the parameter alt. If no alternative text is given, the star symbols are concatenated to form an alt. text like "***--".

Not all users can easily type the vulgar fraction symbols. Instead, one may copy and paste them from the table above, or copy the following code and edit as needed:



Code Result
{{stars|*}} *
{{stars|*|*|*}} ***Star*.svgStar*.svg
{{stars|*|*|*|*|*}} *****Star*.svgStar*.svgStar*.svgStar*.svg
{{stars|-|-|-|-|-}} -----Star-.svgStar-.svgStar-.svgStar-.svg
{{stars|*|*|½|-|-}} **½--Star*.svgStar½.svgStar-.svgStar-.svg
{{stars|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|*}} **********Star*.svgStar*.svgStar*.svgStar*.svgStar*.svgStar*.svgStar*.svgStar*.svgStar*.svg
{{stars|size=25|alt=(1/3)|*|-|-}} (1/3)Star-.svgStar-.svg
{{stars|size=25|*|¾|½|¼|-}} *¾½¼-Star¾.svgStar½.svgStar¼.svgStar-.svg

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