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Hey -- serendipity I'm going to need these by the end of the week.017:54, 12 February 2008

Hey -- serendipity I'm going to need these by the end of the week.

A little feedback on the Infobox personal ---

I like the box and its functionality so far --- a few thoughts on how we might refine this further. I'm thinking specifically of ease of use and how this will be implemented in the wiki. The comments here refer to both Infobox personal as well as the individual user boxes.

  • I like the default {{PAGENAME}} -- it would be nice to have a named parameter for "Name=" something like #if Name then display name string else use Hey -- serendipity I'm going to need these by the end of the week. (1).
  • Perhaps something like
Name = Foo Foo (default is {{PAGENAME}}
Boxes= {{:WikiApprentice 1}} (or alternative like 1, 2, 3 etc as a short-cut for the level to save typing time  to make this easier for mass production) {{Wikiresearcher}}
  • I'm wondering whether we shouldn't add a couple of optional named parameters like:
    • Photo = [[Myphoto.jpg]]
    • Website= urls
    • Employer=
    • Occupation=
    • Nationality=
    • Country=
  • Regarding the actual Userboxes -- the following thoughts:
    • Is it possible to have all boxes span say 90% of the Infobox_personal rather than variable widths for each Userbox?
    • I'd like us to implement a peer-based certification system -- i.e. re the Wikimaster typology you must be certified by someone with a higher level in the community. In other words that you can't add a Wikimaster box to your own page -- it must be added by someone else in the community.So I'd like us to add a parameter where the Username of the certifier is included in the userbox -- this way we have a verifiable audit trail. Eg -- this User is certified a Wikibuddy by Username - if you know what I mean. I haven't checked -- but I guess you have a category link for each level on the typology.
    • How would this work in practice:
      • A category is inserted on the Userpage -- Request Certification: Wikibuddy. We could design an input box for this.
      • Users from the community monitor the request certification pages. They go to the individual Userpage to check whether the user has acquired the skills for the level required. If so -- they award the certification and remove the certification requested category. Hope this makes sense.
      • The certification system is optional -- but I don't think we should have a self certification system.
  • Once we have the mechanics sorted -- we should then invite the community to review and suggest improvements -- possibly with the development of a certification bylaw in WE.

All this sounds terribly formal and perhaps a tad gimmicky -- but won't believe how many folk on the recent L4C workshop have asked for certification. This community kudos think is important for folk.

Finally -- we need to think about further skills requirements for the other levels. E.g. What is a wikimaster in our community? I feel we need to open this for discussion.

BIG thankx for the work so far -- this coming together rather well.


Mackiwg (talk)17:54, 12 February 2008