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The purpose of this Planning Guide is NOT to plan your workshop for you, since every workshop is different.

Instead, using this Planning Guide will help you make sure that the aim and objectives of your workshop are clear and achievable. If you achieve this, then you have laid a firm foundation for a successful workshop.

When the Workshop Proposal sheet and your Activities sheet (Task F1) are ready, show them to experienced colleagues; funding body representatives; or other people whose opinion you value. Get their advice and feedback in order to make sure that:

  • Your workshop aim is clear and achievable.
  • The aim contributes to the organisation’s wider strategy.
  • You have three objectives that will achieve the aim.
  • You have suggested some appropriate participants and explained your expectations.

You should also review other ICT / media workshops online to give you ideas and build your professional network. Start with the Commonwealth of Learning’s online Community Media space, which lists a number of previous workshop schedules as well as other resources for planning and facilitation: http://www.wikieducator.org/Community_Media

We wish you every success with your workshop! Once again, please don’t hesitate to contact the Commonwealth of Learning with any questions. Your feedback will help to improve workshop planning for everyone in the sector.