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NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{Translated tag}} instead!



Template:Ar Template:Bar Template:De Template:Es

Français :Ce modèle est à apposer sur les modèles traduits, pour éviter qu'ils soient apposés sur les pages, et pour conduire les utilisateurs à n'utiliser que le modèle principal (et pas les modèles traduits).

Template:Fy Template:Ja Template:Nds Template:Oc Template:Vo Template:Zh-hant


This template is used on translated template messages, to avoid getting these on image pages and to lead to use the master template (NOT the translated one).

All categorization of translated tags is done through this template. It will add a local category based on the template's language and a general maintenance category based on the type of template it is. For the latter, you need to supply the "type" as the first parameter. See Template:Translated tag/local category-en for possible values (or view template code). All templates lacking this will need up in Category:Translated templates needing categories (however they will still be in a proper language-based category). If none of the available options match the template in question just leave it as {{translated tag}}.