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This is the {{tlc}} template.

This page is also the documentation for {{tld}} and {{tlf}} that work almost exactly the same.

When showing a template name with brackets in documentation you have to escape the brackets in some way so it doesn't become a call to the template. Instead of using <nowiki></nowiki> tags you can write it simpler and shorter by using these templates.

Here is how these templates look. Code to the left and actual rendering to the right:

{{tlc|name|parameters}} = {{name|parameters}}
{{tld|name|parameters}} = {{name|parameters}}<tt></span>
{{tlf|name|parameters}} = {{name|parameters}}

These templates work similarly to {{tl}} and See Wikipedia on this., but they don't make the template name into a link. When writing documentation you might want to avoid a lot of unnecessary links, since it decreases readability. So on the first occurrence of a template name use {{tl}} or See Wikipedia on this., and then use {{tlc}}, <tt>{{tld}}<tt> or {{tlf}}.

Features of {{tlc}}, <tt>{{tld}}<tt> and {{tlf}}:

  • They show a template name and up to eight parameters.
  • They also show empty parameters. (See examples below.)
  • They prevent line wraps in their output.

АААА=== Examples === Wikitables make the <code></code> tags transparent, that's why the "code colouring" is missing in these examples.

{{tlc}} {{tlc|...}} Shows its own syntax.
{{tlc|name}} {{name}}
{{tlc|name|one}} {{name|one}}
{{tlc|name|one|two}} {{name|one|two}}
{{tlc|name|a|b|c|d|e|f|g|h|i|j}} {{name|a|b|c|d|e|f|g|h}} Shows up to eight parameters. The rest are dropped.
{{tlc|name|||three|four}} {{name|||three|four}} Also shows empty parameters.
{{tlc|name|||three||}} {{name|||three||}} Even shows empty parameters that come in the end.
{{tlc|one=a|two=b}} {{name}} Equal signs is a problem, but there is a fix.
{{tlc|name|2=one=a|3=two=b}} {{name|one=a|two=b}} Use numbered parameters to fix it. Remember to start from 2, since the "name" is number 1.

If you have equal signs in your template parameters then it probably is simpler and clearer to code it using <nowiki> tags etc. Here are the codes to emulate {{tlf}}, {{tld}}<tt></span> and {{tlc}} respectively. Code to the left and actual rendering to the right:

<nowiki>{{name|one=a|two=b}}</nowiki> = {{name|one=a|two=b}}
<tt><nowiki>{{name|one=a|two=b}}</nowiki></tt> = <tt>{{name|one=a|two=b}}
<code><nowiki>{{name|one=a|two=b}}</nowiki></code> = {{name|one=a|two=b}}

See also

  • {{tlc}} – Not linked, several parameters and text in <code></code> style.
  • {{tld}} – Not linked, several parameters and teletype text style.
  • {{tlf}} – Not linked, several parameters and normal text style.