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(this part of the documentation is only available in some languages)





Parameter name Description (this part of the documentation is only available in some languages) Default value required or optional?

parameter #1 (1) parameter name (up to 20, 1, 2, ...) empty optional
1d description of the parameter (up to 20, 1d, 2d, ...) empty optional
1def default value for the first specified parameter (1def, 2def, ..., 20def) empty optional
1stat status of the parameter (required, optional, optional- [optional and not present in the standard form], deprecated) optional optional
name name of the template {{PAGENAME}} required
desc description of what the template does empty required
namespace namespaces, the template is intended to use in empty required
usergroup usergroup that is meant to use the template empty required
placement placement on the page empty optional
usage-notes notes about the correct usage of the template empty optional
type what type is the template (infobox, formatting, licence tag, ...) empty optional
example example use (just write down the parameters, separated by {{!}}) empty optional
i18n-method method the localization is achieved by (known values: 'autotranslate' [using autotranslate], 'switch' [using a switch tag in the template itself], '-' [no localization needed]) empty optional
i18n-desc additional info about the localization empty optional
seealso relevant links (put in a list of them) empty optional
setscats what categories are automatically set by the template (put in a linked list of them) one optional
lines are the parameters typically put into new lines or all on one line ("multi": multiple lines, "one": one line) empty optional
shorthand shorthand for easy use (redirects to main template) empty optional
relieson list of templates on which the template's basic functionality relies empty optional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the Template namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

Placement: (this part of the documentation is only available in some languages)

in the '/doc' subpage of a template


English | +/-

This template is localized through {{Autotranslate}}. The layout of the template can be found under Template:TemplateBox/layout.

To add your language to the list of languages supported by this template, please copy the code of Template:TemplateBox/en (or any other language version you prefer to translate) and replace the text strings in there (the form below can be used to create a translation, the English version is preloaded in the edit box). Please change the parameter lang from en (or whatever language you are translating) to the language code of your language.