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The purpose of this template is to track work on a task by task basis. Any project is welcome to use it; it should be applicable to any sort of work. Use the talk page to leave any comments or suggestions.

Blank example

 |priority = 
 |skill = 
 |people = 
 |commitment = 
 |deadline = 
 |details = 
 |resources = 
 |signup = 
 |progress = 
 |completed = 


Each paramter is required except for "completed".

low - Use this value if the task does not need to be finished as soon as possible.
medium - This value is for tasks of some importance.
high - This value is for tasks that are most important.
advanced - Use this value if it is necessary to have advanced abilities in the skill areas required for this task.
intermediate - This value is for tasks that require intermediate abilities at most.
beginner - This value is for tasks that anyone can do.
Any value is acceptable for this parameter. A suggestion would be a number or range of numbers representing how many people are recommended for accomplishing the task, and "any number" is good for when there is no maximum number of people.
Any value is acceptable for this parameter. The value should reflect a time increment that represents how long it would take to complete the task, or how often members should participate in the task. Suggested units are hours, hours per week, days, weeks, or months.
Any value is acceptable for this parameter, but it should be a date formatted in a way that anyone could understand. The format of the date should be similar to dd monthname yyyy.
Any value is acceptable for this parameter. It should describe what the task is and how to accomplish the task.
Any value is acceptable for this parameter, but it is recommended it be a series of links to helpful/necessary resources that will aid in the accomplishment of the task. Each link should follow the last on the same line of text, followed and ended with <br /><br />, so that it will linebreak properly.
Any value is acceptable for this parameter, but it will most likely be signatures. If another form is required, it should be described within the details section.
untrackable - will display "The task is active, but its progress cannot be tracked."
discussion - will display "Under discussion"
0 - will display "Task not started."
100 - will display "Completed on {{{completed}}}."
5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90,95 - These numbers (1-100 in multiples of 5) will display a 20 block progress bar. Each block is coloured black for every 5% of the total work progress.
If the value you enter does not fit under any of these options, "The parameter entered is not one of the acceptable values. Please check your value again, or see the instructions." will be displayed.
The only acceptable value for this parameter is ~~~~, which displays the timestamp of the person editing the page. This parameter is optional, and will only be displayed (a value is required in this instance) when the task is marked 100% progress.