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This template provides an easy way to categorize (and indicate) the development phase of a resource. (If a resource spans several wiki pages, it is probably best to place it only on the "landing" page that you want most discoverable.)


Use Category Meaning
{{StatusSquare|100%}} Resource an article / product / deliverable - ready for sharing, adoption,

reuse, or remix, but understand that OERs are never complete

{{StatusSquare|75%}} Resource Work in Progress lots of content, portions nearing completion

for intended audience or use, still needs work

{{StatusSquare|50%}} Resource Early Stages overall outline, development structure,

content - others may see value of work at this stage but still preliminary

{{StatusSquare|25%}} Resource Model conceptual model - ideas, brainstorming - may only be useful or

interesting to the creators

{{StatusSquare|0%}} Resource Idea placeholder for a resource the creator plans to develop