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  • 1 = the id for the template. This is necessary for the proper functioning of the underlying javascript widget.
  • 2 = spelling list. Create the answers by wrapping the words or phrases in <u></u> (html underscores). The underscores are converted to bold text to highlight which word(s) or phrase(s) will be quizzed.
  • FontSize = increase the fontsize of the spelling list (use 1,2,3, etc not the actual font size)
  • Info = information header that tells the learner how to hide the spelling list when ready to take the spelling quiz.
  • QuestionWidth = controls the width of the question. Sometimes necessary when the template is used inside another template.
  • HRWidth = controls the width of the horizontal rule on the top and bottom of the list.


{{Spelling List|myid | # <u>This</u> is a <u>test</u> # <u>This is a second text</u> # This is a <u>third text</u> # This is a <u>fourth</u> text }}

renders as

Review the words or phrases. Hide the list using the Blue Fire.svg when you are ready to begin.
  1. This is a test
  2. This is a second text
  3. This is a third text
  4. This is a fourth text