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[[Media:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]]PDF down.png


  • First upload your pdf file using [[media:filename.pdf]]
  • The pdf template caters for two parameters:
    • first the file name, eg "Gender_Indicators_Schools.pdf" and
    • the "pipe" -- that is the name of the link that should show to the user.


The following syntax

{{pdf|Gender_Indicators_Schools.pdf|Gender indicators for schools}} Will display as:

Gender indicators for schoolsPDF down.png

<templatedata> {

   "description": "Create a local link to a PDF file with distinctive icon",
   "params": {
       "1": {
                   "label": "Filename",
                   "type": "line",
                   "required": true,
                   "description": "Filename on WikiEducator (without Media: prefix)"
       "2": {
                   "label": "Text",
                   "type": "line",
                   "required": true,
                   "description": "Descriptive link text"

} </templatedata>