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This template also adds pages to Category:PD US but is specifically for PD works published pre-1923.


To create a new language version of this template, create a new subpage and use this code:

| text = ''This media file is in the '''[[w:public domain|public domain]]''' in the [[United States]]. This applies to U.S. works where the copyright has expired, often because its first [[w:publication|publication]] occurred prior to January 1, 1923. See [http://www.copyright.cornell.edu/public_domain/ this page] for further explanation.
| warning text = This image might not be in the public domain outside of the United States; this especially applies in the countries and areas that do not apply the [[w:rule of the shorter term|rule of the shorter term]] for US works, such as Canada, Mainland China (not Hong Kong or Macao), Germany, Mexico, and Switzerland. The creator and year of publication are essential information and must be provided. See [[w:Wikipedia:Public domain|Wikipedia:Public domain]] and [[w:Wikipedia:Copyrights|Wikipedia:Copyrights]] for more details.''
| lang = {{subst:SUBPAGENAME}}
}}<noinclude>{{translated tag|license}}</noinclude>

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