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To Do

  1. Figure out a method for adding in the </u><u> within the template for phrases with more than one word so that the user can add the phrase in plain text.


  1. Ogg audio filename (ie fr-dessus.ogg)
  2. answer(s) (ie <u>dessus</u>) to generate the input box answers. Note: if you want your phase to be in multiple answer boxes separate the words with </u><u>. The underscores are used to generate the answer boxes like in Template:Quiz Cloze by User:JimTittsler


Typically used inside the Quiz Spelling template in the following way:

{{Quiz_Spelling|id1|Jouer le clip audio. Entrez le mot dans la boîte.| {{OralSpellingInner|fr-dessous.ogg|<u>dessous</u>}} {{OralSpellingInner|fr-dessus.ogg|<u>dessus</u>}} {{OralSpellingInner|fr-oiseau.ogg|<u>un</u> <u>oiseau</u>}} }}

which displays as:

Icon qmark.gif

Jouer le clip audio. Entrez le mot dans la boîte.



un oiseau