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 Unit 2.4 - Course Authoring Tools

In the previous unit (Unit 2.3) you must have studied and appreciated the concepts of collaborative developments and the content authoring tools. Did you like the designation Author? Would you like to be an Author of a course? Authoring a Course can be done easily and efficiently using Course authoring tools about which we will be studying in this unit. Course authoring tools are also known as author ware. These programs will help you to create multimedia integrated e-learning modules. Authoring tools enable you to create a final application e.g. learning module merely by linking together various media of text, images, audio or a video. You as an author will define the appropriate media and their relationships to each other You will need to do sequencing in an appropriate order and thus a concept map can be prepared using Mind mapping tools about which you have studied in Unit 2.1 of this course. Authors (those who use authoring tools) can produce attractive and useful multimedia applications.


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