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Mainly relating to aerodromes, airfields other ground facilities to support the operation of airplanes and helicopters. See Aeroways for an introduction to the mapping these features.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
aeroway aerodrome Node Area An Aerodrome (UK), Airport (US)
aeroway apron Area A place where planes are parked.
aeroway gate Node Used to mark the gate numbers at the airports.
Edinburgh Airport gate lounge.jpg
aeroway helipad Node Area Helicopter start/landing pad
Altena - Lenneuferstraße 17 ies.jpg
aeroway hangar Node Area Hangar
aeroway runway Way Area A strip of land kept clear and set aside for aeroplanes to take off from and land on. (Other languages)
aeroway taxiway Way Where airplanes manouevre between runways and parking areas. Planes in Chicago - 24.JPG
aeroway terminal Node Area Airport passenger building
Flughafen Frankfurt am Main - Gate A - Check-In 0212.jpg
aeroway windsock Node Used to mark the position of a windsock. Větrný rukáv, Černé Voděrady.jpg
aeroway User defined Node Way All commonly used values according to Taginfo

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