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Report: Learning4Content - The first 18 monthsPDF down.png - Download 1.7 MB

L4C Vital Statistics- 30 June 2010
No. of online workshops 55 (as of Jan 2014)
No. of face-to-face workshops 62
Participants registered 4,253
Female 50%
Featured L4C Graduate
I consider the WikiEducator users and staff to be colleagues and friends
Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire. -- William B. Yeats

Hi, I'm Valerie Taylor and for many years, I have been interested in technology and learning.

An ongoing frustration has been creating and sharing information electronically - endless trails of emails, dozens of copies of versions of documents in distribution, inability to easily correct and update information over time. I was delighted to discover WikiEducator - the open and free wiki space and the community of practice. I am looking forward to continued association with this ground-breaking organization addressing the needs of learners globally. This is the power and promise of online education, facilitated by WikiEducator. Read more ...