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[[{{{title}}}/image|Name of image]] (on Wikimedia Commons)
[[{{{title}}}/card-text|Add text]]
Written by [[{{{title}}}/text-by|Author]]. Licence: cc-by-sa.
Image by [[{{{title}}}/image-by|Name of artist/photographer]]


The template displays a Liberating Voices patterns card given one parameter - <title>.

Properties of the card are drawn from sub-pages (mostly, see below).



Create a page whose name is the <name of the pattern> and sub-pages for each property. See {{annotated-lv-card}}.

Only the card-text parameter might be more than one line. The template gets the properties from the sub-pages by inclusion.



|title = <title of card>


The properties are drawn from sub-pages of the card's page:

/card-text - the text of the card

/image - the name of the image on Wikimedia Commons and [optionally] size (after pipe '|' e.g. '|400px')

/images - a page of alternative images for the card (this will be used by the annotated card template)

- see How to source and link images on Wikimedia Commons

/text-by - attribution for the text (usually an author name)

/image-by - url of the file on Wikimedia Commons

/licence - for these cards the licence is always cc-by-sa (ignore)

/psp-page - URL of the pattern card on the Public Sphere Project's web site (used by {{annotated-lv-card}}).


The syntax

 |title = Collective Decision-Making


Collective Decision-Making
An ESAF 'Sangam' Meeting in progress in Kerala.jpg
Divided decision making leads to disrupted personal relationships, fragmented communities, and compartmentalized organizations. Resolving serious issues in any community for the long term, requires the collective voices of individuals, the community, experts, organizations and creative thinkers. To work together constructively, people from diverse knowledge cultures need to accept the legitimacy of people from others.
Written by Valerie Brown. Licence: cc-by-sa.
Image by Jaimoen87


title - the name of the pattern - which is also the title of its wiki page

See also

To Do

  • Variable styles: {{#if: {{{card-style|}}}|style="{{{card-style}}};"|...}} - in process ...
    • Make a default theme which looks like ds01.
    • Fix font size of title
    • etc.
  • Sort out the general case of a card whose name includes a prefix. Currently it only handles the prefix "LV:".