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Card Properties
Name of image (on Wikimedia Commons)
Add text
Written by Author. Licence: cc-by-sa.
Image by Name of artist/photographer

URL on publicsphere.org



To display and simplify the creation and management of Liberating Voices pattern cards on WikiEducator.


The template should only be used on a Liberating Voices pattern card page. It uses the page name as the title of the card. In this way a card page may be created which contains only the following text:


To fully "populate" the card, save the page and edit the Properties of the card by clicking on the links to the properties (each represented in a sub-page) which include:

/card-text - the text of the card (usually one short paragraph)

/text-by - name of author(s) - best on one line

/image - name of the image on Wikimedia Commons
See the Resources page for hints on sourcing and uploading images.

/image-by - name of the artist(s) or photographer - best on one line

/images - a page for listing alternative images for the pattern card

/linked-cards - add links to related cards separated by ' . ' or ' {{vbar}} ' which renders as ' | '

/psp-page - URL of the corresponding book pattern on the Public Sphere Project's web site.

/status - status of the card. Expand key on the right to see proposed colours for status cell.

For more detail with the non-technical user in mind, see Template:annotated-lv-card/help.



  • {{display-lv-card}} - uses this to display the actual card.
  • and other templates ...

To Do

  • Deal with name clashes - e.g. LV:Privacy - and arbitrary prefixes
  • Status - consider separate status for image and text.
  • Consider referring the the PSP page as the pattern's book page.
  • ...