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Today is: 21, July 2024

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My profile

I am Dr. B. Vaijayanthi working in Gargi College (Delhi University) as a Reader in Chemistry. My specialization is physical chemistry.

My College

My Website, blog and contact particulars

How I became a Wikieducator

It just happened that Dr. Gita Mathur of Botany Department wanted to conduct a workshop on open educational resources and she wanted that I should assist her in making arrangements vis a vis the computer lab, internet etc. I straightaway said yes because I have known her for quite a long time. Then she told me about Wikieducator and its advantages and that she had become a Wikibuddy in a very short span of 3 months. I had always wanted to have my own page on the web which my students could refer to. Though we learnt a bit of using Front page long back it wasnt very fruitful. Wikieducator gives me an opportunity to create such a page and I am really excited about it. I think this workshop which is going to be held between 12th and 15th of Jan. 09 will be of considerable help to me. Like everyone else who joins such a group, I also have my apprehensions about my text being edited (meddled with) by others. And it did happen to me soon after opening my page but it was not done intentionally but it occured by mistake. The resource persons in the workshop will be able to clarify my doubts, I feel.

Some pictures I'd like to share

Workshop L4C34 participant

Useful Syntax I want to learn

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first level

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second level

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third level

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  • Chapter 2
    • Fundamentals

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