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We believe that

  • increasing cultural awareness and promoting exchanges between culture and development is one of the basic requirements in acting as agent of change, thereby working on an in-country level with in-country expertise in the developing world.
  • by creating awareness and building in-country capacity, we can reduce the gap of misconceptions and increase access to education by using existing culture to build on, and to promote activities, thereby raising the level of understanding.
  • developing an understanding of the cultural differences in social, economic and cultural environments and how to manage them will help, bring the world closer together.
  • an innovative approach to developing skills to solve the challenges that arise, using a range of different approaches, to creating open educational resources in the area of culture and development subjects will contribute to bridging our differences and will create a new understanding and opportunities among ourselves.
  • Building strong communities – by building on existing cultures, and common purposes and values, thereby promoting mutual respect, responsibility and trust in a diverse socio-cultural environment will be a good platform to build on.

The following principles can be applied:

  • Education for All (EFA) proceeding on the basis that all cultures can learn given sufficient opportunity, time, means, support and access will make a big difference in people's lives. What is Culture
  • An open mind is always willing to act on a range of different suggestions, proposals and/or different views by considering other ways in which results can be produced and solutions can be reached.