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Community-based media (CM) offer powerful and often unique opportunities to contribute to local development, education and governance by providing a variety of information, communication and educational services at a community level.

WE can support learning in all forms that a community needs: whether it supplements secondary school students; provides crop information for farmers; or simply increasing awareness about health issues for malaria or HIV / AIDS.

Strengthening Organisational Capacity

Due to smaller size, remote locations and lack of resources, Community Media face unique challenges to improve content production and distribution; access new information and reach out and involve local / grassroots communities. Please use this Community Media node to share resources, approaches and information materials; showcase your efforts; network with colleagues and collaboratively develop valuable CM resources.

Developing Effective Learning Materials

There are many possibilities for learning materials development including these two examples: (1) Developing Effective Learning Programmes for Community Media and (2) Organisation development for Community Media. We hope that many more will be developed and shared.