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Flag and Country

This template simplifies adding a small national flag and country name.

The template takes two parameters:

  1. flag name
    • if the parameter appears to end in a 3 letter extension, the it is assumed to be a complete file specification (e.g. File:Example.jpg)
    • otherwise the flag name is used to build the file specification as File:Flag of {{{1}}}.svg
  2. country name or alternate wiki text to associate with the flag (To create a link to the WikiEducator country page, see the {{FlagCL|country}} template which does this concisely.)

If the country name is the same as the flag name, it can be omitted.


{{FlagC|USA|United States of America}}
Flag of USA.svg United States of America

{{FlagC|New Zealand}}
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand

{{FlagC|New Zealand|[[Otago_Polytechnic]]}}

{{FlagC|File:Col-crest-blue-web.jpg|Commonwealth of Learning}}
Col-crest-blue-web.jpg Commonwealth of Learning