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The FLOSS4Edu project is an initiative aimed at addressing the following challenges:

  • The absence of Free content in African Schools
  • The lack of skills and knowledge to use FLOSS technologies and
  • Access to FLOSS resources given the high cost of bandwidth and shortage of FLOSS distribution channels.

The project was inspired by Nicholas Kimolo in Kenya. Under the sponsorship of COL a conceptual building framework was developed to support and add value to existing FLOSS initiatives in the education sector.FLOSS4Edu is particularly interested in the power of social software for education in Africa and how wiki technologies can contribute to the development of free content by Africans for Africa. The FLOSS4Edu project seeks to create the largest community of Educational Practioners in Africa participating in the development of Open Educational Resources (OER's). It also seeks to have an inclusive process of involving everyone willing to participate in content development including teachers, students, professionals, experts and all. To read more about FLOSS4Edu see the About Section.