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Preparation of e-learning material is a new concept to Egerton University and is an idea that we should embrace. Individual lecturers normally prepare their teaching material without the idea of e-learning and therefore teaching is still done in the traditional way - use of hard copies of notes, dictating notes, etc. E-learning, if taken up, would be helpful especially in open and distance learning. Again, the later mode of learning is yet to be effected in my University. With regard to experiences from the current workshop, the ideas that I have picked will form a good step in the direction of e-learning in my University. The WIKI webbased resource is a good tool in developing e-learning material. The modules are quite interesting and this was a good eye opener. Some of the areas I found releavnt and could be of immediate use are collaborative editing, text formating, wiki syntax, creating links, images and media, use of templates and camstudio. I belief e-learning is an innovative way of making agricultural training more interesting and attract the current young generation who show apathy in agriculture and related courses.E-learning would make revision of teaching material quite easy.In general, I have learned a lot despite coming in abit late for the workshop. I would like to take part in the development of e-learning material now that I have the exposure.}}