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Why Edu-patron?

The name Edu-patron is an acronym for Participatory Research and Training for Promoting Online Open Education. Edu-patron project is intended to facilitate participatory research and training for promoting online open education.

Development of formal classroom study setups are now in a saturated situation. In most places further development of infrastructure for conventional classroom learning, especially for higher education, is quite difficult. In the administrative side reasons are many like constrain of space, resources, etc. In the learners' and parents' side, now a day, majority of people do not have the financial health to spend a life time for education alone. In these tightening economic situations, work and study is the only principle that can keep higher education accessible to all who seek it.

As a positive response to the above situation, a lot of Universities/Academic bodies are now offering online learning opportunities. However a lot of works have to be done for the universal acceptance of qualifications acquired through online courses.

WikiEducator community is gifted with the abundance of educational researchers, research students and who have an aptitude in research (we may call them prospective researchers). This Edu-patron project is an effort to converge their efforts for the prosperity of Online Open Education and its universal acceptance.

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