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This template is designed to automate the creation of a portal node page in Wikieducator. It creates a Headerbox on top of the page which spans a two column layout for a maximum of four text boxes on the left-side and a maximum of four text boxes on the right side.

  • The headerbox is optional
  • The template will not work unless at least one left-hand box and one right-hand box is specified.
  • The remaining 3 left-hand and 3 right-hand boxes are optional
  • The template will automatically create subpages corresponding with the titles/names of the text boxes specified


Copy the following syntax for your proposed "portal page"

{{Course dashboard


|Left column width=




  • Box-theme - required or template won't work. Use "default" (case sensitive) or:
    • "rainbow" (case sensitive)
    • "darkgreen" (case sensitive)
    • "teal" (case sensitive)
    • "sienna" (case sensitive)
    • "mediumaquamarine" (case sensitive)
    • "dehub" (case sensitive)

The community may develop more supported themes and add them to this list.

  • noedit is optional. If present, set it to 1 to hide the edit links for each of the subpages.


The following syntax will produce the layout displayed below (Please do not edit the subpages by clicking on the red links as this is a demonstration page):

{{Course dashboard


|Left column width=40




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Developing additional themes for this template

WikiEducators are most welcome to design and implement a wide range of different themes. This will require an intermediate to advanced level of wiki editing, knowledge of templates and parsing and general web design, Current themes are specified here: Template:Box-theme. If you design a new theme, please add this to the list above.

Thoughts for improving this template and supporting instructions

  • Implement a default theme, eg "default" in the event that the user omits to specify a parameter for "Box-theme"
  • Develop a "gallery" of tables for this page which illustrate the colours for the "Box-theme" parameter.