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Following a COL sponsored workshop that was held on the 5th - 9th of December, 2007, a consortium of Universities under the framework of SUCAPRI (Strengthening of University Capacity for Promoting, Facilitating and Teaching Rural Innovation Processes).agreed among other things to participate in the development of high quality training materials and curriculum in the area of Integrated Research in Agriculture for Development(IAR4D) - See the workshop report here.

Inorder to facilitate wide scale participation, SUCAPRI members agreed to host the content development process within the WikiEducator and invite all stakeholders to participate in this initiative. The educational content to be developed must meet the following criteria:

  1. The course content developed must have a regional outlook and should support inter-institution collaboration
  2. The course selected should be marketable and demand driven
  3. The course content should address multi-disciplinary or inter sectoral needs
  4. The course content should have perceived potential impact on livelihoods and should be focused on IAR4D and ICT4D

The potential candidates for courses meeting these criteria were identified as Horticulture, IAR4D, Agribusiness, ICT4D and Organic Farming among others