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[edit] WikiApprentice - Level 1

A Level 1 WikiApprentice is a WikiEducator who can perform basic edits on WikiEducator pages and is able to explain what a wiki is and how it works. A beginner will be able to attain yellow status within 2 to 3 hours work on WikiEducator. Skills requirement Support resources Outputs for community certification Basic text formatting including:

   * bold
   * italics
   * headings for different levels
   * bullet lists
   * numbered lists 

   * Tutorial 1
   * Tutorial 2
   * Tutorial 3
   * Tutorial 4 

(3-hour face-to-face workshop, online workshop over 4 working days or self study)

   * Register an Account
   * Complete Newbie survey;
   * Enter information on WikiEducator User page demonstrating the use of:
         o bold
         o italics
         o headings and sub-headings
         o Lists 
   * Explain the wiki concept 

[edit] Activities