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My strength and weaknesses as a teacher

The list of contrary notions below is made to stimulate your self-analysis.

In teaching, your whole personality gets involved.
I can say from own experience, that you can develop certain aspects of your character that are useful for being a good teacher, but only to a limited extend.

Warning: If you find yourself predominantly on the left side of the pairs, then better look for another profession!--White Eagle 17:06, 19 July 2007 (CEST)

Activity: Copy this list to your user page and complete!

left right Where do I stand? Where do I want to go?
distracted concentrated
nervous calm
insecure shure of myself
introverted outgoing
unfriendly friendly
monotonous dynamic
negative positive
formal easy going
silent loud
stiff spontaneous
under pressure free
unprepared well prepared
lazy industrious
without humour humourous
young old-fashioned
light with weight
inflexible flexible
closed open-minded
communicative uncommunicative