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WYSIWYG Discussion

From FTF Session

What We Have

  • Wiki Syntax Editor, and optionally with highlighting
  • Currently does not support advanced macros and templates
  • It supports both power user (programmer) and novice users
  • Data is stored in wikitext


Target Audience Profile

  • MS Word Users
  • Yahoo Email, Google Email Users

Requirements Outline

  • Greenfield vs. Existing Applications have different needs
  • Define what WYSIWYG is for WYSIWYG Bi-directional Editor:
    • Minimally Acceptable [High Impact, 6 Months]
      • Support: B, I, U, >, H, *, =, Images, Table, iLink, xLink, Pre, HTML
      • CAVEAT: Editing an Image might pose issues [Need to work through and scope]
      • Copy & Paste from WORD must preserve RTF formatting [Hight Impact, Beyond 6 Months]
      • Jump to inline editing for unknown wikitext
    • Application Scenario Specific Extensions [Medium Impact, 12 Months]
      • Application Specific
      • Provide masking capabilities for unknown wikitext
    • Template Specific [Low Impact, 15+ Months]
      • Templates must be identified via Template Metadata
      • All Templates should not be included via SUBST
      • Templates can be masked and detailed views can be presented via mouseover property editors with preview capability
      • Provide integrity checks to guarantee backward compatibility
    • It should not malform existing wikitext [MUST]
  • The editor should perform and be reliable [MUST]
  • Ability to disable wikitext editing within a namespace or wikispace

The Resulting Experience

  • 75% of Greenfield Content can be done via WYSIWYG
  • Templating and Power Macros will be done via inline editor

The Approach

  • The WYSIWYG can be done in an evolutionary way
  • The canonical data format needs to be done as part of NG

From the community chatroom

<kim_register> now making diffs and history more accessible might be a good idea
"so jimmy mentioned working on the wysiwg editors at wikimania last summer. has there been no 
progress? cause he sure made it sound like a high priority and that we would see that."
Project was recently resumed, implementation probably in transitional steps (section editing, new page creation, etc.) -- already in use at http://politics.wikia.com/ and other Wikia sites that use the armchairgm.com codebase.--Eloquence 19:14, 13 April 2007 (CEST)

Alternate Device Support

Mobile Devices

Plugins for other word processors

  • Like MSWORD Plugin

ADA Compatibility

  • Voice XML

Email Client Interfaces