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Expertise needed

  • mechanical engineering - pneumatics
  • C-RIO control system programming
  • electrical engineering
  • CAD - AutoCAD Inventor
  • fundraising
  • mentor recruiting
  • video production
  • presentation coaching
  • graphic design, marketing
  • team spirit - buttons, flag, t-shirts

FIRST Robotics (FRC)

Here are a couple of links to the program and the SCHS team information.

  • Chairman's Award - major award - submission includes descriptions of team work, challenges, outreach, as well as a presentation and interview with judges

Our kids were both participated in FIRST Robotics in high school on a pretty competitive team, and as mentors while they were in college. This is a remarkable program and inspirational for anyone involved. And a lot of fun too!

Mentoring - general information

Engineering mentors (EMO)

Non-engineering mentors (NEMO)

  • NEMO - adult non-engineering FRC mentors flyer
  • NEMO forum