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Hey Chairman's! The point of this wiki is so that we can read what each of us has done and edit it. Also there is a discussion page to start different discussions so if you want to comment about something with out putting it on this page here you can. I've already started a discussion about the team uniforms or each day. You guys need to make sure that you check this page once a day or make it a part of your watch list on Wiki educator so that you know when something has been changed. Can't wait to see what you guys have to say and what you have written!!


Team 2152 Chairman's Team Essay

Team Name


Corporate/University Sponsors

A huge thanks to Halifax Health, Raydon, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

FIRST Program

Briefly describe the impact of the FIRST program on team participants with special emphasis on the 2010/2011 year and the preceding two years (500 characters allowed including spaces and punctuation)

FIRST has made a huge impact on our team. It has changed the way students act, how they see technology, and how they work with other people. Many of the student’s have matured more since they joined in with FIRST. Many before were behavior problems and after joining FIRST are some of the best students we have. We aren’t just a team and we aren’t just friends FIRST has taken kids who are different and given them a new family. FIRST gives students an opportunity to use their different talents.

By Shaina

Role Model

What makes a role model? Do you have to be famous? Do you have to be rich? Or, do you even have to be related to them? No, none of these make a role model. A role model can be anyone, or everyone. Be yourself, don’t try and emulate someone else. At Creek, every teacher and some students are role models. We are not Nichole Richie or anyone ‘famous’ but, we are ourselves, and we carry ourselves with our head held high, and our chest out. Role models can come in any shapes or size. Don’t think just because someone is small/fragile/weak they cannot be a role model.

By Justin

Justin, The paragraph can only have 500 characters including spaces maximum. This paragraph is 567. Also you really need to get to the point and answer the question better. It is a good paragraph but how does it answer the question for our team??? -Shaina

Impact of FIRST

Describe the impact of the FIRST program on your team and community with special emphasis on the 2010/2011 year and the preceding two years (500 characters allowed, including spaces and punctuation)

‘FIRST’ has made a huge impact for the community and for the Team. The reason ‘FIRST’ is a huge impact on our team is from the fact that we were able to start robotics in our community. Every day we have set periods to work on the robots at our school. We are set in teams during the first FTC challenge. The FTC has at least 4 or 5 teams that will participate in the Robotics competition. Before we could get into the huge competition, we need to raise money in order for us to help compete. We started to do three fundraisers, the "Drive One For Your School." Sounds like an interesting name doesn't it? It's basically where anyone can come to the school to drive one of Ford's cars. They get a nice free ride as they ride around the area of the school. The teams sell products to help raise money for their team and to gain support. Our second fund raiser we have done is the Pancake Breakfast. All the students go to the "Aunt Catfish" restaurant to serve breakfast and Pancakes to the family members and guest that where invited. The tickets were $5 in order for them to come to the event. Our last fundraiser was Robotfest. We raised money for the teams like they did for the Drive One For Your School. Teams started to raise more money for their robot team.

By Krysta

Krysta, YAY you got it up :). -Shaina

Nore from Rachel B.: I fixed some of your spelling and grammatical errors.

The FIRST Message

Our FIRST team is Team 2152, or more commonly known as S*M*A*S*H. We are involved in the community and try to get our name out. We try our best to find methods of advertisement with the community that may help benefit both parties. We participated with the Volusia county fairground Academy Showcase. We also have done a club expo at our school showing what we do and explaining what the FIRST message is about. By Austin


Team 2152 had and still has very strong partnerships with a lot of companies. Some of our major sponsors are Halifax Health, Raydon, and Embry-riddle. We are also very grateful that we have parents, like The Watts and The Devilbiss’s, which donated to us this year. Team 2152 is highly depended on our sponsorships because we don’t get that many chances in a year to raise money for the team. We were also able to raise all of our registration money this year because of all of our sponsors.

By Rachel


Team’s communication methods and results (500 characters allowed, including spaces and punctuation)

By Hamilton

Other interesting facts about Team 2152

Other matters of interest to the FIRST judges, if any (500 characters allowed, including spaces and punctuation)

By Grady

Our team impacts our community in many ways, and has been recognized by different organizations within the community. Our school has been featured as the FOX Cool School of the week, and did a presentation to demonstrate our robotics program. We have participated in community fund raisers, not only to raise funds, but to raise community awareness of FIRST, and its robotics programs. The majority of this team are students in the Academy of Information Technology and Robotics, which implements computers, and technological learning into everyday education.

Grady, Good. -Shaina

Team 2152's Pictures

Upload pictures (maximum of 4 allowed, not to exceed 1.0Mb in total)

Mainly Justin but anyone feel free to add onto it.

Main Essay

Essay (10,000 characters allowed, including spaces and punctuation, or approximately 1500 words)

By Kayla and/or Shaina


Shot List

  • Slide show of different pictures from fundraisers and FTC competitions.
  • Start outside of school walking up along sidewalk. Get Spruce Creek sign in shot and then pull away from sign and show entire school. Zoom in on Hawk.
  • Walking in hallway to robot room. Walk into robot room scan around room ending on the team smash banner. Walk out of robot room into Urquhart’s room. Mrs. Urquhart goes over list of things to do.
  • We are back in the robot room with people working on the robot (WITH GOGGLES ON.). Zoom in on what they are doing with the robot (MAKE SURE THEY ARE ACTUALLY WORKING AND NOT MESSING AROUND.)
  • Still in robot room but with an upper shot (someone will be standing on a ladder).
  • Now in Urquhart’s room. Scanning over the computers and what people are doing. Make sure you get the work on the website.
  • Get video of sponsors/mentors working on robot with students and what they are teaching the kids.
  • Close ups:
    • Team Daytona Picture Frames
    • Robot and team number on robot
    • Team Daytona Banner
    • Team Smash Banner
    • FIRST Poster
    • Duck tape strip of buttons
    • Team member faces and their work
  • Interviews:
    • Principal
    • All mentors

Interview questions:

  • What do you do for Team 2152?
  • How long have you been with Team 2152?
  • How long have you known about Team 2152?
  • What do you think about this year’s challenge?
  • What do you think about robotics?
  • What is your favorite part of robotics?
  • What do you like about technology?
  • What do you think about FIRST?