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Development of Context Specific Teaching-Learning Materials


In the traditional classroom teaching there is hardly any scope for the children to interact with the teacher, teaching –learning materials and the teaching-learning environment. So Teaching becomes very monotonous and students have to mostly rely on rote learning.Most often classroom teaching is dominated by the Lecture Method of teacher. Except some essential aids like chalk, duster, blackboard, Teaching learning materials are hardly used in the classroom. When used it may not be context-specific. One of the major aim of NCERT [1](2005) is Designing, providing for, and enabling appropriate teaching-learning systems that could realise the identified goals. Learning has shifted from Response Strengthening to Knowledge Acquisition to Construction of Knowledge. In this contxt, The duty of the teacher is to provide appropriate environment where the child will constuct his knowledge by interacting with his physical and social environment.

In this context, there is a need to orient teachers and develop appropriate context specific teaching learning materials useful to enhance the quality of teaching-learning process.

  • Development of Contextualised Teaching-Learning Material
  • Field-Testing of Contextualised Teaching-Learning Material


  • To study the Importance of Constuctivist Paradigm towards Development of Contextual Teaching Learning Materials
  • To develop certain Contextual Teaching Learning Materials
  • To study the Effectiveness of Teaching Learning Materials towards understanding the content.


Experimental Design


One Elementary Class of size 40 (Class VII) from Rural India will be the Sample of the study


Contextualised teaching learning materials developed by the investigator


  • Achievement Test
  • Attitude Scale
  • Observation Schedule

Procedure of Data Collection A unit of Class-VII will be selected on which Teaching learning materials will be developed. The Teacher will teach the unit by using these materials. During teaching the investigator will observe the teaching. After completion of teaching unit, the achievement test of students will be conducted. attitude towards the teaching aids should also be observed.

Procedure of Data Analysis

Data will be analysed by using both qualitative and quantitative technique.

Tentative Time Required

One year

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