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Welcome to TEACH: Teachers of English in Aguascalientes Collaborating Heuristically! This wiki was created in order to provide a space to facilitate dialog between pre-service and in-service English language educators in Aguascalientes, Mexico and beyond as to how we can better create educative experiences for the English language learner. Diversity in opinion is welcomed and is an essential part of the learning process, so feel free to share whatever experience, perspective, and/or teaching practice you feel contributes to the conversation.

Online Workshops

Periodic online workshops will be scheduled and conducted using Ning. Workshops are scheduled as follows:

Workshop 1

Workshop 1 Introduction to WE
Specialties.png Blended Course
May 18-27, 2009
Check your time JOIN OUR NING!

Employment Opportunities in Aguascalientes or Beyond

Feel free to add information directly to this table or to the format below (click on the edit button to the right):

  • Name of school (enter state if outside of Aguascalientes):
  • Contact person:
  • Telephone:
  • Full/Part-time (or hours/week):
  • Age and English level (18-22/intermediate):
  • Job vacant (enter yes or no):

Name of school Contact person Telephone Full/Part-time (or hours/week) Age and English level (18-22/intermediate) Job vacant (enter yes or no)