Tawa Intermediate/Statistics

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Create a graph tutorial and interactive Graph
Different types of graphing paper to print Print
A nationwide online survey for Year 5 - 13 students which provides real, relevant data and classroom activities to enhance statistical enquiry across the curriculum Census
Data Recording Game BBC
Mean, median, mode Game MMM
Probability Game Probably
Stick or Switch Probability Game Stick
Statistical Graphs Graphs
Graph Reading BBC Game BBC
Reading Tables Basic Practice Tables
Interpret Line Graphs Line
Creating Line Graphs Create
Interpret Bar Graphs Bar
Creating Bar Graphs Create
Interpret Line Plots Plots
Creating Line Plot Graphs Create
Frequency Charts Frequency
Stem and Leaf Graphs Stem
Circle Graphs Circle
Choosing the best graph Choose
Calculating Probability Probability
Making Predictions Predict
Mean, Median & Mode Mean
Shodor Interactives