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Reading Strategy Activity Web Links
Stories and Texts Myths & Legends Folk stories from around the world written by children

Stories to read or listen to Animal Myths and Legends      Pacific Myths    Maori Legends   Frog Legends          Aesop's Fables    Grimm Tales

Poetry Modern Poetry Pasifika Poetry
Non Fiction World Newspapers
Visualising All Levels Independent Activties 1
Analysing and Synthesising All Levels
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Evaluating All Levels  
Prior Knowledge All Levels Interactive
Reorganising All Levels
Level 2 Nasreddin's visitors
Level 3 The Hitchhiker   Nasreddin Nasreddin goes shopping
Level 4
Inferring All Levels Battleships
Level 2

Short Inference Activity Character Motives Plot Development Inference Quiz

Level 3

Character Actions Character Traits Story Settings Be a Critical Reader Nasreddin and the soup

Level 4 Nasreddin and the beggar
Finding the Main Idea All Levels Fact Finding Frenzy
Level 2 Main Idea Activity
Level 3 Puzzle Activity

Wild Children

Level 4 row 3
Summarising All Levels
Level 2
Level 3

BBC Skimming Activities BBC Scanning Activities Scanning Practice Nasreddin and the ferry Cal Calvino

Level 4 BBC Activities   Rainforest Skimming   Rainforest Scanning
Following Instructions All Levels

Origami Juno

Level 2
Level 3 Destination Impossible      Australia

Finders Keepers

Level 4
Multi-strategy Activities All Levels

A Martian Halloween Into the book Dinosaurs Project Animal Inquiry Project Penguin Online Books Myths from around the world

Level 2 A Special Christmas Present

2 sisters and a cat Elephants Dolphins

Level 3 Death Car       The Choking Dog        The Carpet Fitter      

To Catch a Thief