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Beginner - part of a whole, fractions to decimals Fractions

Naming Fractions

Halves and Quarters Game

Thirds Game

Shape Fractions

Equivalent Fractions

Part of a whole concept

Fractions of a whole

BBC Introduction to Fractions

Fractions to Decimals

Reducing Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Add/Sub with Like Denominators


Decimal Base Blocks

Decimal Place Value

Decimal Number Lines

Comparing Decimals

Subtraction using Money

Add/Sub using Money

Identifying Decimals using Materials

Teacher Resources

Intro to Fractions Video

Intro to Fractions Video Pt 2

Fractions Support Materials and Activities

Basic Fractions Review

Intermediate - tenths, adding fractions, percentages of an amount Fractions

Fractions Review

Simplifying Fractions

Adding Fractions

Adding Fractions Soccer

Add/Sub Word Problems with Like Denominators

Adding with Unlike Denominators

Subtracting with Unlike Denominators

Add/Sub Word Problems with Unlike Denominators

Add/Sub Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators

Ordering Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Monkeys

Equivalent Fractions Matching Game

BBC Multiplying Fractions Revision

Improper Fractions

Decimals. Fractions & Percentages Snap

Fractions of a Number Word Problems

Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers

Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers Word Problems


Understanding Written Decimals

Decimal Ordering Ladder

Ordering Decimals

Comparing Decimals using Money

Rounding Decimals using Money

Add/Sub Decimals using Money

Adding Decimals

Add/Sub Word Problems

Subtracting Decimals

Price Lists with Multiplication

Convert Fractions to Decimals

Convert Decimals to Fractions

Compare Decimals to Fractions

Rounding Decimals


BBC Percentages Game

Percentages Shopping

Percentages Penguin Game

Percentage Filler

Percentage Game

Teacher Resources

Advanced - eigths, sixths, hundreths Fractions

Fractions to Decimals to Percentages

Fractions Instructional Game

Adding Fractions

Adding Fractions with unlike Denominators

Add/Sub Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators

Find the Missing Part

Mixed Number Review

Converting into Improper Fractions

Add/Sub Inequalities


Decimals to Percentages

Decimals Add/Sub Inequalities

Estimating Add/Sub

Multi Operations using Money

Decimals extending to Ratios

Decimal Interactives


Percentages PI

Teacher Resources