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Duties and Responsibilities

As a team member

To begin:

  • our post should take about 10 minutes per day
  • you will familiarize yourself with a Wiki,
  • set up an account
  • learn the basics of contribution

When to contribute:

  • you must actively contribute to posts on a daily basis
  • your contribution to our post should take about 10 minute's per day

What to contribute:

  • tell us who you know, what you know, and how you know
  • tell us how your post focuses on helping others with information on the growth in current industry sectors
  • you will find current business articles and news reports from local media and report where the jobs may be
  • you will search open directories and business listing through your local Chamber of Commerce [1] and others publications to view new business start ups.

How to contribute:

  • go to the forms sections and start to input. Remember to contribute, you must first have an account and select "Edit" from the upper right hand corner, write a post, then save the page at the bottom of the page.