Taming crisis

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project outline


To understand different types,consequences and case studies of crisis intervention to evolve certain perliminary psychological help and greater sense of self reflection among psychology teachers.

Aims and objectives

  • to understand different types of crisis.
  • to identify the psychological and physical consequences on various types of crisis
  • to share some self reflections and resources of coping and endurance from their surroundings and classroom experiences.

Project plan

  1. develop a e-group on sharing web linked resources and free multimedia websites on various types of crises.
  2. to evolve a discussion group on classifying different types of crises and issues to work out learning designs to teach the same.
  3. to construct lesson plans on crisis intervention.
  4. to evolve a reflective journal on experiential journeys crisis situations.


  1. to acheive the e group and working with each other by may2007.
  2. to evolve a discussion group with concerns and issues in the field of crisis intervention by june 2007.
  3. to construct lesson plans based on crisis interventions by december 2007.
  4. to invite contributions from students and teachers to evolve a reflective journal by may 2008.