Talking trees of Marovo

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Grade and topic

G6 Social Studies

Curriculum references

Understanding Customs and Traditions

Concept / Topic To Teach

Indigenous knowledge of Marovo

Standards Addressed

General Goal(s)

To understand traditional Marovo medecine

Specific Objectives

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  • to understand medecinial uses of Marovo forest plants
  • to differenciate between beliefs and myths
  • to understand traditional Marovo ways

Required Materials

  • acess to the Reef and Rainforest book
  • acess to the wiki
  • digital cameras

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In)

  • talk about different types of medecines and traditional beliefs

Step-By-Step Procedures

Icon activity.jpg
  • as a class activity students suggests different types of medecinial plants and write them on the board
  • in groups students try to find the plants in the books or wiki
  • students add any new information to those entries
  • if there is no picture students draw or photograph those plant
  • OLPC can be used to make Memorize game with matching pairs of photos and Marovo names of medicinal plants

Plan For Independent Practice

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  • interwiew family members about their beliefs in customary medecine
  • interwiew community experts in traditional medecine
  • OLPC laptops could be used
    • to record audio for the wiki in Marovo
    • the Poll activity can be used to conduct a multiple choice survey about which plants have medicinal uses
    • mp3 players and phones can also record voice interviews

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set)

  • Summarise and discuss assignment

Assessment Based On Objectives

  • Class presentation and student books
  • Set homework
  • Quiz at end of week

Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities)

Extensions (For Gifted Students)

  • Uploading to the wiki
  • Advanced OLPC content

Possible Connections To Other Subjects

  • Health, science

How well did this lesson go?

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