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   >>* What are your thoughts about designating free speech areas at educational institutions?

HEIs actually make a statement that says we trust that we have empowered learners to initiate and direct discussion/speech in a positive, constructive manner.

this reminds me of the libre knowledge manifesto - particularly the third point there. Ktucker 08:42, 9 March 2007 (CET)
   >>* What does this mean for free speech?

Having the freedom to reflect on what I see, read, hear and taste. -having the confidence as a free citizen to reflect on the given context and then expressing it freely via text, audio or image.

   >>* What is the relationship between free speech and democracy?

Just last week, 4 Feb 2007, South Africans were surpised by the following headline in the Sunday Times: "Why bank chickened out of crime showdown with Mbeki". -First National Bank had to print 2.8 million pamphlets addressed to the President, concerning the terrible crime rate in SA. At the eleventh hour, they 'chickened out'. The Sunday Times found out that officials from the Presidency met with FNB Management. Stories from ordinary South Africans had to be included, but the campaign was stopped. As a South African citizen 'I could' view this saga as typical of an authoritarian, one-party state. Definately not symbolic of our 'new democracy'.

   >>* What is the relationship between free speech, education and educational resources?

When I am allowed to critic and reflect on my work and the work of others, freely, I will develop and grow. Others will be able to edit and comment. This type of growth and development strengthens the learning processes and has great benefits for the educational sector. Ultimately I will become more confident. I will improve my 'free speech', taking into consideration all the peer-reviews, comments and editing from colleagues across the globe -using different types of educational technologies.

   >>* Should we not start using the word "Libre" to disambiguate free? 

The word is becoming quite well understood in English (and Spanish and French :-) - especially in the FLOSS communities. i.e. libre content, libre resources, etc.

Too often I have been involved in discussions during which participants mix meanings of the word free which can be confusing.

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