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  1. Gift of Listening Exercise - CPW
  2. Syntax by Philip
  3. Support Materials - Destiny X with D-Don Group Exercise - Karen
  4. Completion of units and of support materials - 9.45 - 3 pm
  5. Presentation of completed units and support materials by all groups - 3 - 5 pm

Tuesday at the Hotel

  1. to 1pm: Group work towards final completion
  2. 1 - 3pm Group works on individual Action planning - for process on return home (e.g.completion of units not attempted yet, awareness creation, training workshops, course structuring/restructuring and acceptance, implementation plus timeframe and persons responsible for each process with you)
  3. Group works on individual support requirements to make the above happen and the names/s of the highest persons who could assist. This would enable COL (Paul West) to support you by writing and encouraging letter to the person/s stipulated.
  4. 3.30-6 pm Liming and cultural sharing at the Savannah Lounge

Wednesday Closing day

  1. am Individual and group self evaluation
  2. Lessons learnt
  3. 1pm till Group presentations of units and support material(at least one support material per group)to Stakeholders

Possible Agenda, not dissimiliar from Mauritius Boot Camp- to be finalised: Each group to have at least 2 representatives being involved in the implementation of the agenda.

  1. 1 Overall introduction of the project
  2. 2 Deliverables by each group of their units and support materials
  3. 3 The Boot Camp experience
  4. 4 Skills developed, Challenges met, Lessons learnt
  5. 5 The Way forward
  6. 6 Vote of thanks
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