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Comments from Group 11

Excellent work guys. The information presented is extensive and makes excellent reading.

However, it would be good to provide links to thee section on other mindtools for ex. mindmaps etc.

--Curofficer 04:44, 21 March 2007 (CET)

The information here is indeed very rich. The unit design,content,objectives,

especially the supporting research and links are all of very good quality.I suggest the page

formatting would look nicer if you could align the bullet points under the section

headings ‘Kemp Design Model’ and ‘Dick and Carey Design Model’

--Nadhiya 04:49, 21 March 2007 (CET)

Comments from Group 7

General comments: It is clear that a great deal of effort, research, thought and expertise went into preparing this module. We commend you for providing such exhaustive information.

We would however suggest the following improvements can be made:

  • Attention must be paid to spelling and grammar in various sections of the unit
  • Objectives and content should be specific to ODL as opposed to web/internet-based only
  • In various cases language was a bit complex and could be simplified to be more reader friendly
  • The overview sounded a bit vague
  • Generally we would suggest that you try to make the information simple, short and specific
  • Perhaps links to websites could be used to assist in reducing the volume of the content in this module

We cannot neglect to mention, however, that the visuals and table used were excellent in quality and usefulness to the topic. Like Nadhiya we agree that the links were superb and highly relevant to the content of the material.

The way the alternative design models was presented and the content used was outstanding.

-Manthoto, Roza, Tauvaga & Kelly

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