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Dear Tofua,

Please see following some comments with respect to the Friendly Islands of Tonga page which you recently successfully created!

First, you are well on your way to get this page really set up. Well done! it is a great achievement! Based on what I see on the page it seems like you are using the page as a strategy through ICT and hence the services and requirements for the end users - such as capacity building, professional development, skills training, community support, and system dissemination and global reach out through distance mode, etc. In this way Wikieducator and content free education can be achieved through such carriers.

Related to your content my suggestions relates to 3 areas:

  1. Objectives and Activities can be matched better
  2. Participants: Is there a need to enlist non-Education Ministry people? like teachers, local esperts, traditional experts?
  3. It appears that teachers are the most prominent key players and I agree. Is it therefore useful to focus on teachers as WikiEducators and Wiki Ambasssdors and as authors of content free rsources, and hence focus the Activities around their needs?
  4. Regards

--Tebania 00:52, 15 August 2007 (CEST) Thank you Tebania. The reason for enlisting non-MOE people is for the purpose of getting ambassadors from non-government systems. Yes, teachers are best used as authors. Once senior officials are converted than they can spread the news! However, I take your point and thanks for the contribution.

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