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Holiday Apartments are Replacing Hotels021:35, 24 October 2008

Holiday Apartments are Replacing Hotels

Millions of travelers each year face the same dilemma after deciding on a destination, where should we stay? Over the years, whether it is due to rising prices in oil or increased numbers of tourists, accommodation at a reasonable price has become scarce. Luckily, the rental real estate industry is turning towards leisure travelers and, in particular, families looking for freedom and space at the right price that is not offered at most hotels.

Rental periods are now shorter than ever to accommodate leisure travelers, two nights minimum is typical, making it easier than ever to choose apartments over hotels. Short-term rentals can be found in even the most popular of European cities. Welcome-to-Russia, an Eastern European rental agency, provides travelers with anything from studios in the heart of Moscow to five bedroom residences on the Ukrainian coast.

The rental real estate industry and their agencies also assist their guests with invitations and visas allowing travelers to breathe easy knowing that invitations are placed and visa are just one stamp away.

Price is a major deciding factor for many vacationers and travelers. The average price for a three star standard hotel room in peak season is 275 Euros a night where as a three star apartment is 130 Euros a night. Keep in mind that unlike hotels, most apartment agencies give their guests discounted prices when they stay three or more nights.

Aside from price, another obvious advantage of renting an apartment for travelers is freedom. Travelers and vacationers alike can now enjoy the freedoms of home abroad; inviting whom they wish, when they wish, for as long as they wish. Not to mention the freedom to eat when, what, and how they wish. Travelers no longer have to wake up early to catch breakfast or hurry back to catch dinner.

Families planning trips or groups are especially keen on short-term rental apartments. Families can now afford to all stay in the same residence without having to book a suite at exuberant prices in a hotel. Group travelers are also opting for spacious four bedroom, four bath short-term rental residences and splitting the tab.

An issue that many travelers face during the holiday season is availability. The availability of hotel rooms offered to travelers during peak season is incomparable to the variety and availability of that of a short-term apartments and residences. Assuring that even the last-minute traveler will find a place to call home in even the busiest city abroad.

Mark Holdson of the Sunday Times writes “not only will you save money, you’ll also connect with your destination in new and interesting ways- living in a real neighborhood, shopping at food markets and mingling with the local” as part of the benefits when choosing apartment rental over hotels.

Freedom, economy, variety, availability and that simply indescribable at-home feel without the hassle is worth every minute of finding a vacation rental for any traveler’s next vacation destination.

Wtrhelp (talk)19:25, 24 October 2008