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Hi Ken, hope this is what you meant with the ToC to the right :-). Will try to find time to comment on the content. Kim

Consistency and Terminology

  • Suggest using FLOSS throughout to emphasise "Libre" and disambiguate "free".
  • The term "mashups is broader than the usage with respect music. The web application hybrid definition might be even more relevant to the discussion: a web application that combines data from more than one source.
  • Readers from the FLOSS world will read CMS as Content Management System. I suggest we use LMS - Learning Management System - unless there is a distinction between Course MS and Learning MS.

Relevance to Local Needs

The section "Localization and Software Usability" seems contradictory to me. Would one not localise in order to make the software (and content) more usable? Quality can only be assessed in local terms. A high quality piece of software (or content) that is not in the right language or not contextualised, is low quality in that context.

Themes and Projects

The first bullet states "... and this is the vision of UNESCO". It might be the vision of one particular UNESCO initiative, but the vision of UNESCO is broader, even with respect to education specifically.


Do we need the summaries within this summary? (Seemed repetitious at times).

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