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Rationale for Suggested Changes to ToC

Rename "Navigation Templates" to something like "Quick Actions"/ "Jump Start"/ "Quick Links"/ "Short Cuts"/ or "Go" etc., (being sensitive to the possibility of a printed edition) - or (preferably) omit the heading and just place the "action" links right at the beginning, before any headings - as a sort of "super" navigation template.

Another thought: instead of being alternative "shortcuts" into the manual, design them for classes of user: educator (teacher, lecturer), learner (student, pupil, trainee), institutional administrator, policy maker, etc.

  • "Introduction" - omit this one - it is the first section of the main document and may confuse people coming here for the first time.
  • "Get OER" - rename to "Find OER" and follow this with "Learning Design with OER" or just "Learning Design" (renaming "Use OER") - initally I thought it should be "Learning with OER" which implies learner-engagement with the resources (e.g. via social construction - and not learning from OER), but then remembered that this document is for educators. "Co-Create OER" and "Adapt OER" suggested below are more educator-oriented (though also for learners in social construction :-).
  • "Create OER": consider "Make OER" or "Build OER" to avoid the "God-like" association of "Creator" which some people don't like. Otherwise, consider "Co-Create" or "Co-Develop", etc. to emphasise the collaborative nature and spirit of the OER movement.
  • "Localize and Remix OER": rename to "Adapt OER" (which covers localisation, translation, re-contextualisation, remixing, ...) (i.e. "Remix" becomes a sub-heading under "Co-Create" above (there will be some overlap - cross reference where applicable).
  • "License OER": rename to "Share OER" - the licensing issue needs to be referred to in the other sections (e.g. co-create, adapt, remix, etc.) and is covered in a main section listed in the main ToC (the quick link is probably not needed ??).
  • "Use OER" --> move up to be after "Find OER" and rename to "Learning with OER" (or as suggested above: "Learning Design").
  • "Get OER" --> "Find OER" and "Learning Design" (2 quick action links here to be moved up as indicated above).
  • "Publish" becomes "Share".
  • "Conclusion" is not required as a navigation template/quick action link.
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