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Final edits004:00, 21 February 2010

Final edits

Hi folks,

Excellent work on this. I have some suggestions for final edits before grading. Please respond to each of these ASAP.



Your page contains spelling errors. To improve it, please spell check. If you use Firefox, it contains a spell checker. Alternatively, edit the entire page, copy and paste the content into a word processing document, fix the spelling (being careful not to change any formats in the document, and then paste it back into the wiki. Don't forget to save your changes! Once changes have been made, you should delete the text ''{{Spell}}''from your page.

Your materials photograph needs to be part of the figure sequence and all of the others adjusted accordingly. Also, you need to cite each figure in the text like this: (Figure 1).

What is the "direction handout package"? Might want to change that wording or change the figure legend to match; also cite and link directly to the handout figure.

Are any of the photographs in the handouts from online sources? If so; cite them and link back directly from the image pages you created (IE, in addition to from your main wiki)?

Remove the instructions from the reflections section.

Give a full citation for each book in your literature cited section.


Final Edits[edit]

Some tags were automatically added to your new page when it was established. Once you have made changes in response to the editorial suggestions you should remove them. Once they have been removed your assignment will be graded.

Tags to remove[edit]

Edit your page; turn off the rich text option and remove the following pieces of text: ''{{WIP}}'' ''{{S@W}}'' Once those tags have been removed, it will signal to others that you have made your contribution, and that they are welcome to modify your page and improve upon it.

Common mistakes section[edit]

If you have not already removed this section, do so now.

Dmccabe (talk)04:00, 21 February 2010