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Hi Leigh,

We must refine the wording in relation to the publishing content under a CC license.


Thanks Wayne. I have made it so that participants ensure that content is publishable under CC BY and CC BY SA... I suppose CC BY SA is the only license necessary to reference in the contract - which would be a shame because it would turn away potential participants like myself... I'm not sure if WikiEducator has a copyright guidelines page up, and if it reflects all the issues and considerations, but it maight be worth linking such a reference into this contract. --Leighblackall 00:19, 29 April 2007 (CEST)

Intent - Feedback and editing assistance now needed

My intention is to right a 3 very short and easy to understand contracts that will be attractive to possible content writers and that easily relate to the OER workshops. A reader should be able to quickly see what they get by reading the contents table, with dot points offering more detail. I think we should get a prospective contract signee to read through and highlight anything that is not understandable, of concern, or not attractive. We should add words to the definitions list, and developing supporting information that can link in and offer more information where needed.

More detailed feedback on the draft Learning contract

Hi Leigh,

With apology for the delay on this feedback. My international missions have taken up more time than reasonably anticipated ...;-(. You have made good progress on the outlines for the learning contracts corresponding with the levels of training received. For the time being - I think we should scrap the 5-day workshop. Its unlikely that we will find the funding for this duration of workshop under Learning4Content, and I suspect that it will be difficult to get participants to commit for a workshop of this duration.

More to come ....

would be good to give the opportunity for "expert" status though.. perhaps a 3 day workshop followed by some measure of participation and development online...?--Leighblackall 12:54, 26 June 2007 (CEST)
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