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E-learning prtals in mauritius005:40, 25 August 2008
Role of private companies in education in Mauritius023:40, 8 May 2008

E-learning prtals in mauritius

Just wanted to add that Ebene State secondary School has also just launched its e-learning portal recently with notes, courses and homeworks available to students. Site is You may want to add that in your list of mauritian institutions which adapt the concept of e-learning

Tramtoola (talk)05:40, 25 August 2008

Role of private companies in education in Mauritius

Our institution, Constance Hospitality Academy, has been involved in various social activities since its operation started in July 1998. One major contribution to this effect is in education. Last year we have entered into agreement with the NCB to training local population in IC3 as part of our social responsibility. Not later than last month we also launched adult literacy program, and not to mention our involvement via training in regrads to empowerment program.

I think as this concern education, we should add Institution like our in this page so that anyone who wants to get advantages from these educational programs can have then in one platform.

I was wondering how I can use this platform to help our people by developing educational materials here.

Thanks for reading this.

Your comments will be appreciated.


Vroopun (talk)23:40, 8 May 2008